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Daily Qigong & Louhan Patting –: 9-minute sample  



Text guide to complement the Easy Tai Chi-Qigong  DVD

QIGong began about 3000 years ago. Tai chi began about 12,000 years ago. Developed to strengthen the body and mind to improve one’s health. Chi is the vital energy or essence of life.
The Dantien is considered the power center of the body where the Chi can be stored. It is located about 2 inches below the navel.
This easy Tai Chi and QIGong presentation was designed to enhance one’s health and energy.
• The program can be done by people of all ages and it was created specifically for seniors and people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, or other physical challenges.
• Many have found that it is helpful to learn the easy Tai Chi so they can learn how to place their body and move from the Dantien area.
Once the natural rhythm has become muscle memory then it is easy to learn some of the more advanced forms of Tai Chi.
Part 1 – QIGong warm-up
Part 2 – Easy Tai Chi Movements
Part 3 – T’ai Chi Kung


Welcome to easy QIGong warm-up. I am Tony Durante and will be your instructor. What I would like you to do now is place your feet together, prayerful pose, bow and say “Namaste” (The Spirit of life in me honors the spirit of life in you.)
– Gradually come up from the bow and hands come down to the sides
– Softly relaxing downward slightly like you are getting ready to sit on a chair (relaxing   downward)
– Roll the left foot up
– Step out shoulder width

The first QIGong movement we are going to do is:
1) Chi Breathing (5X)
– I want you to breathe in from your nose and exhale out from your mouth (the tongue being placed on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth).  On this particular movement I want you to go “AHH” as you exhale
– With your palms open to the sides slowly breath in bringing the hands up over the top of the head
– as you turn palms over exhale as you come down, relaxing downward slightly like you are getting ready to sit on a chair (relaxing downward) and say “AHH”.
– another one – breathe in and AHH, relaxing downward like they are getting ready to sit on a chair, as you do try to keep the back straight
– breathing in and AHH
– just relax with the movement breathe in and “AHH”
– let’s do one more, breathing in and “AHH”, hands at side and straighten up knees.

2) Painting with Light (5X)
– bend your knee slightly (relaxing downward slightly)
– allow your wrist to float up to shoulder height and then gently go down.
– Imagine light flowing out of the fingertips as you breathe in and breathe out
– again breathing in and out, relaxing
– let’s do one more breathing in and out
– bring hands at side and straighten up

3) Opening the Energy Gates (5X)
• This is a great one for asthma and respiratory problems
– Palms come together right about the lower stomach area.
– Hands slowly come up to the chest area
– now breathe in your nose slowly breathing in expand just like you’re hugging the whole world
– and as you exhale let the knees bent slightly breathing and exhale
– breathe in straighten your legs up, as you exhale sink breathing, exhale
– let’s do one more breath in, exhale
– turn the palms over
– breathe in as you pull into the chest and exhale
– sink as you are going down
– hands come down by the sides and straighten legs up

4) Connecting Heaven and Earth (3X)
• Connecting Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin)
– Bring your hands to the heart area (In prayerful pose however palms not touching)
– extend one hand so it is flat towards the ceiling
– and the other flat towards the earth
– we are going to breathe in as the hands cross and breathe out connecting heaven and earth or Yang and Yan
– breathe in and breathe out
– stretching your spine
– breathe in and out and stretch as you breathe out
– with this one let’s bring the hands back to the heart and come gently into a close
like laying your hands on a flat table.

5) Shoulder Shrugs and Circles (5X)
• This movement is great for posture and loosening up any stress in your shoulder area
– Lift up your shoulders and then let them come down.
– Lift up and then down.
– Breathe in as you lift up and exhale as you let down
– let’s do two more breathe in and out.
– Breathe in and out
– Now were going to roll the shoulders back, just lift them up and roll them back.
– We will do four like this, them up and roll them back
– Lift them up and roll back
– and one more, lift up and rollback
– Now we are going to the lift them up again and roll forward four times
o see how good that feels on our shoulders
– and then come back and relax

6) Tree Swaying
– We’re going to step a little bit wider to the side.
– The weight is on one knee
– one hand comes up (over the head)
– the other hand is extended shoulder height, with the palm up.
– As I shift the weight the hands circle to the other side
– we’ll breathe in deeply one-way and breathe out the other
– relax the shoulders softening the arms
– breathing in and out
– breathing in and out
– breathing in and out
– now let’s bring the hands up
– foot will come back shoulder with
– the hands come down and rest at the side

Our Next Move

7) Hip Circles
– With your feet shoulder width apart
o (point down at feet)
– put your hands on your hips
– and just rotate the hips either direction whether clockwise or counterclockwise just roll them around try to get a complete round circle as if you’re doing the hula hoop in slow motion
– just open that area up and now we come to the front
– just pause slightly and go in the opposite direction the other way feeling hip joints opening up energy flowing through the body
– and now when you come to the center pause
– hands come down to the sides and relax.

8) Pearl in the Hand (3X)
• This is something that will use the muscles and ligaments in the shoulders that we do not normally use throughout the day.
– In the ancient times they had a Pearl or something in their hand and they would go across the body at waist level and out to the side and without dropping it up over the head without dropping it, out to the side, upside down into the waist and forward
– let’s do that again.
– Remember to breathe over the head out to the side into the waist and forward.
– One more time on this side
– now the other hand comes up (right side), placed the Pearl in the palm of the hand
– bring the hand across the body waist high and out and without dropping the Pearl it goes over the head, out to the side, into the waist and forward
– and again
– one more time
– now we have two pearls one in each hand
– and we bring them over the head, out to the sides, upside down into the waist and forward.
– Adjust the movement if it hurts in any way. Find a way to do it without creating pain.
– And I end by bringing the pearls into my heart honoring the pearls that I have to share, honor your gifts.
– Take hands from over the heart slowly to the sides and down to the sides softly.

9a) Punches or Eye of the Tiger
• The next move I call it Punches or Eye of the Tiger
– Now I want you to put your feet at shoulder width
– relax the knees
– make two fist and pull them into your hip
– shift the weight to the right leg and punch with the left hand, bring the fist back to the waist
o (now remember I am mirror imaging you)
– take the right hand and punch to the left and bring it back to the waist.
– Punch again to the right and back, shifting in the weight in each leg and crossing the arm, shift across and back and across and back. (Good job)
– Now let’s do one forward
– try to keep the knees slightly bent in this one
– take the left hand, turn it over and punch it straight forward slowly
– turn it over and pull it back
– take the right hand turn it over punch forward slowly, turn it over and pull it back
– take a left hand and “one” (punch out) and “two” (pull hand back to hip slowly)
– Good, let’s do one more set
– punch out, pull it in.
– punch out, pull it in.
– Great, now straighten up your legs and then sink them again
– now are going to do a Double Punch
– take the left-hand first and it’s “one” right hand out “two” turn them over and bring them back
– so it’s one, two and back
– one, two and back
– one two and back
– one more time
– one, two and back
– straighten your legs up again
– sink back into them again. This helps build good strong legs.
– Now were going to do the shoulder with the elbow,
– lift up your left elbow, shift to the right leg, that’s one.
– lift up the right elbow and shift to the left leg – that’s two
– take your left hand punch upward (upper cut) that’s three
– Good now let’s do the other side
– right elbow – one, two- right arm up, three – back to here
– left side one two – three – back to here
– right side one, two, three one more set
– left side one, two, three, back to here
– right side one, two, and three and
– then shake it out.
– Good job.
– bring your legs in a little. Relax your body let your arms hang.
– Just stand and relax for a minute.
9b) Lohan Tapping
• The next move we are going to do in QIGong is called Lohan Tapping
• This is a great exercise to help circulation in the body, helps open the meridians and it’s an all-around good healing type exercise.
– Now I’m going to be mirror imaging you.
– So here’s what I want you to do
– Put your left arm out straight and with your right hand start tapping your fingers, hand and working all the way up to the arm and shoulder.
o This is great for the heart and lung area
– Go all the way back to the hands, back up again just go up and down tapping lightly
– don’t hurt yourself, just nice light tapping, this is all you need.
– Good. Now turn your arm up
– go to the inside, start with the hand, up and down (hand to shoulder and back to hand).
o Any blockage in there this will help open it up.
– Good. Now let’s go to the right arm
– put the right arm out and with the left-hand begin tapping (up-and-down hand to the shoulder and back to hand)
– Turn your arm up, go to the inside, tap up and down inside of arm.
– Good, now put/extend your left arm up out to your side and just below your armpit – right in here (at armpit) just tap (20 – 30 taps)
– your body will feel so good when you are doing this
o this is great for the lymphatics
– Switch arms, go to the other side tapping (20 – 30 times) just below the armpit.
– Now we are going to work the liver and spleen area.
– Right in here (hands at bottom of chest cage and top of stomach) and tap (20-30 X)
– Go to the midsection, the stomach area just below chest cage and above groin area and tap,
o you can tap a lot longer than what I am doing now. (I would not do this after eating a full meal though -)
o this is good for digestion
– Now go into the groin area and tap (20-30X).
– Now we’re going to do the hip area and down the legs
– just tap the hips (20-30X),
– now while taping go down the outside of the legs and come up the inside of the legs
– tap hip area again and outside of legs and come back up tapping the inside of the legs
– now go to your buttocks and tap (20-30X).
– Good job
– Take your left arm and pat your right shoulder (20-30X).
o You’re doing a good job this is your pat for the day -
– Take your right arm and pat your left shoulder (20-30X)
– Now for a nice healthy complexion.
– With the palms of your hands slap your face/cheeks.
– And if you can with your open hand slap your mouth making a “popping’ sound.
– Tap your forehead with the top fingers of your hand (20-30X)
o Maybe this will knock a little sense into you -
– Tap behind the neck with both hands (9X)
– Now massage your ears. There are a lot of acupuncture points all around your ears. Just massage them. Inside and out.
o It really feels good, you can do this in the morning when you are showering
– Good. Now we are going to work any blockage that may be in any of your meridians, this will open them up.
– Right between the eyes at forehead, you only need to tap and/or massage 11 to 12 times.
o This is typically where the bladder Meridian runs through.
o it opens up the bladder
– tap in the corner of your eyes for the gallbladder
– tap under your eyes for the stomach Meridian
– then tap on your upper lip. Below the nose right here,
– a great one if you have anxiety and stress, tapping there usually helps.
o That’s called the governing vessel which runs down the back of your spine.
o Also good for the face and brain
– tap under your chin right here.
o That’s called the conception vessel and runs down the front of your body and keeps the energy flowing
– the other area is the kidney meridian. Here tap with two hands up on the top of chest area near the shoulders – Collarbone area
– now tap the center of the chest up and down for the thymus and then around the lower neck area for the thyroid.
– Now for the lower intestines, were going to take the bottom cushy part of your hand and going to gently karate chop with the other hand. Just hit it softly and that will open up the energy in the area
– switch hands go to the other side.
– Good. Now shake out your hands
SIDE OF KNEE (Summit 36)
– Make two fist (or open handed) and here’s a pressure point on the outside of the knees for the immune system and fatigue.
– Right on the sides below the knee caps (tap 20-30X)
– And bringing it up and shake out the hands, relax the body.
o Feel tingling all over now.
– They call this S36 (Summit 36). This is a great one if you get tired and you need energy. Also help strengthen your immune system. The Chinese call this the Longevity pressure point.
• Next Move – I want you to place your feet together for Cobra Hissing and then we are going to do the Tiger Growl. We will do three on the left and then the right side.
– Feet together, hands like this opened out at shoulder height.
– take your left foot and step out at an angle (10 o’clock). Push downward, go forward and push the hands out and go “Ssssss” (hissing sound of a snake).
– Bring it back in with your leg.
– Step with the right leg (angle 2 o’clock) push out and go “Ssssss”. Bring it back in with your leg.
– Step with the left leg, push out “Ssssss”, bring foot back.
– Step with the right foot, push out “Ssssss”, and back.
– Let’s do one more set.
– Left foot -“Ssssss” and back.
– Right foot -“Ssssss” and back.
– Now were going to do Tiger Growl.
– Crunch your fingers like a tiger claw
– Sink down and step out with the left foot (10 o’clock).
– Go forward and go “Grrrowl” (making a Tiger sound) and bring the foot back.
– Step forward with the right foot, push out and go “Grrrowl” and back.
– Left foot, push out, “Grrrowl” and back
– right foot, push out, “Grrrowl” and back and let go of the stress.
– One more set
– relax and hands down.


• The last thing in the warm-up I’d like to show you is something called Wu Chi positions and I’ll show you three positions in this warm-up session.
• These positions are great ones for building stamina in the body, strengthening the whole body in itself,
• you don’t even have to move just stand still doing it.
– What I want you to do now is to step out with your left foot shoulder width.
– Get into a comfortable position, let your knees bent slightly, bring your hands up as if you were hugging a small tree and make sure your shoulders are relaxed, fingers are not touching one another but they are pointing in towards each other.
– Let your shoulders relax, your knees are bent. Now hold this position.
– I’m just going to hold this position for about 30 seconds. What I’d like you to do is start working on it so you can increase the longevity of this. Start maybe with 30 seconds and build it up to a minute and go from there.
– Let your breathing be normal, breathe slowly in through your noise and breathe out through your mouth. Breathing and relax, hold position for 30 seconds.
o I’m only holding this for a few seconds now, you can always go longer.
– The next movement your hands opened up softly and the palms face towards heaven which is Yang energy and your feet are planted on the earth which is the Yin energy. Hold position for 30 seconds, hands out, palms up towards heaven/sky.
o Again you can practice longer than what we are doing now.
– The next movement hands form in front of the lower stomach area this is called the Dantien.
– Just don’t touch it just hold your hands in front of you. Relax the shoulders, knees still slightly bent.
o Hold for 30 seconds or longer if possible).
– Now the hands come by the sides, you can bring your left foot in. Relax.
– Bring hands into a prayerful position, bow slightly saying Namaste.
– Hands come down to your sides.
– Relax
– Great job.

Easy Tai Chi-Qigong  DVD