This is how I navigated multiple sclerosis.

There are many ways to handle a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. This is my story and how I navigated MS via an integrated medicine (a.k.a. Natural Health, Natural Medicine) approach without using the ABC[1] or Federal Approved MS disease modifying medications[2].  I hope my stories provides a resource to help you with your personal journey and partnering with your Medical Team.

Over several years, as I shared my experience with navigating MS, I have been asked “have you published your stories” and followed up by you have a “responsibility” to share your experience for others”

I developed this web site to share my stores and navigating MS over the past 25+ years.


This website offers many of my stories and coping strategies for navigating multiple sclerosis in personal, spiritual, and professional life. Some of it has been an adventure. Some of it has been a trial.

The genesis of this site grows out of the requests I’ve received over the years to share my experiences, failures, and successes in establishing a home, work, family, and life balance as I try to manage multiple sclerosis holistically in a competing pharmaceutical-focused medical industry. One woman once told me I had a responsibility to share my story, so I humbly answer her call here.

If the information shared on my site is of value in supporting your healthcare journey and navigating MS and in the spirit of pay it forward please consider making a voluntary donation to the Rocky Mountain MS Center  . That would be very much appreciated.

If you have any questions, comments  or constructive feedback on the information shared on this site please let me know:

Tony Durante

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[1] They are known as the “ABC” treatments, where “A” stands for Avonex, “B” stands for Betaseron/Betaferon and “C” stands for Copaxone.