This is how I navigated multiple sclerosis.

There are many ways to handle a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. This is my story and how I navigated MS via an integrated medicine (a.k.a. Natural Health, Natural Medicine) approach without using the ABC[1] or Federal Approved MS disease modifying medications[2].  I hope my stories provides a resource to help you with your personal journey and partnering with your Medical Team.

Over several years, as I shared my experience with navigating MS, I have been asked “have you published your stories” and followed up by you have a “responsibility” to share your experience for others”

I developed this web site to share my stores and navigating MS over the past 25+ years.

If you have any questions, comments  or constructive feedback on the information shared on this site please let me know:

Tony Durante

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The Beginning (a.k.a. MS Diagnosis)

In the fall of 1991, I was 40 years old with a financial management career, a wonderful wife, an 8-year-old daughter, and a 6-year-old son. I started to have numbness in my feet and hands and electrical tremors down the side of my body that would knock me down to the ground. I discussed this with a neurologist and after several series of tests he told me I had multiple sclerosis (MS), which is a central nervous system disorder. The neurologist wrote me a prescription for seizures and epilepsy and told me that the good news was that it was not a death sentence disease. Boy, was I encouraged!

I reviewed the medication the neurologist prescribed and read the long list of side effects, which ranged from hair loss to impotency. Very respectfully, I told the neurologist that I did not believe the risk of the side effects offset the benefits of the medication. I explained to him I could live with the numbness and tremors more easily than I could with the list of potential side effects. I asked whether there were other natural or alternate treatments we could discuss. He rather adamantly replied: “You have to take the medication!” At this point, I decided to take responsibility for managing my own health care and to seek out medical advisors that could discuss alternatives and the possibilities of a natural treatment plan. I made a leap of faith and a commitment to take a natural health, natural medicine approach to managing my MS. This was the beginning of my MS journey with natural health and natural medicine (a.k.a. integrative medicine).

[1] They are known as the “ABC” treatments, where “A” stands for Avonex, “B” stands for Betaseron/Betaferon and “C” stands for Copaxone.